Order Fulfillment

Black Ribbon was founded on one simple idea — Professionally printed music should be convenient, affordable and available in whatever quantity you need.

Black Ribbon Select was developed to meet the unique needs of music publishers and those who print music regularly. Your entire music catalog is securely hosted and accessible from a friendly web interface, waiting to be professionally printed and drop shipped at a moment's notice.

Select from one of our monthly plans and you'll be provided with a customized store where you can manage inventory, place orders and sync with your accounting system. It's that easy. Whether you're looking to outsource all of your music printing, or occasional short run of a few titles, we're here and ready to help.

Monthly plans









World-class printing
No inventory
Titles never go out of print
Drop ship featuring
your brand
No setup fees
Average monthly orders
Shipping price
Actual shipping charges
Actual shipping charges
Actual shipping charges
Actual shipping charges
Handling price

How it works


Based on your plan level, the print cost generally works out to 17%-20% of the retail price of your music. There are some exceptions to this and those can be worked out on a case-by-case basis.


This equates to the actual shipping charges that we incur for orders throughout the month. We are simply being reimbursed for these exact costs.


There is a handling fee for each order (regardless of size of the order) that is applied, based on your plan level.

An example order on the Understudy plan would be as follows:

Your customer purchases one item for a retail price of $100.00 and the item ships via USPS First Class Mail for $4.50. Black Ribbon would charge:

$20.00 printing ($100.00 x 20%) + $4.50 (actual shipping charges) + $5.00 (handling) = $29.50

Publishers set shipping rates to charge for their own customers. In this example, Black Ribbon is charging the publisher $9.50 shipping + handling. Knowing these costs can help the publisher to decide how much to charge their customer for shipping + handling.